4.0 Survey results

Questions 1 & 2 – living in Clifton The first two questions asked about positive and negative attitiudes to living in Clifton Question 3 – Type(s) of housing developments We asked about the type(s) of housing developments people would want to see in Clifton Most respondents wish to see some housing development in Clifton. This […]

3.8 Design

DESIGN Calderdale has set out in its “Unitary Development Plan” some key planning themes and guidelines on sustainability for development. These have been further developed through the Local Plan process.   Comments Feedback Please add all feedback to this form and send

3.7 Employment Zone

1.1.1        Introduction   Calderdale in their Local Plan have decided that an Employment Zone will be built within the Neighbourhood Planning area. The idea behind an enterprise zones is simple: cut taxes and strip back planning rules in small areas to attract new businesses and create new jobs. The question for the forum, is this […]

3.6 Natural Environment

Clifton Village has much to cherish in its nature conservation assets. It is a village in a semi-rural setting, and the presence of wildlife is a notable feature both within and around the village. Many of Clifton, Thornhills and Brighouse residents take joy from their day to day contact with the diverse wildlife within the […]

3.5.1. Buildings of historical interest

The Blackhorse is a 17th century inn. The establishment retains its rustic oak beams, open fires, and a courtyard.        The Blackhorse is at the centre of villages activities. It is therefore important for the community that it retains it character.  Any redevelopment of this historic inn would need to be sympathetic to the […]

3.5 Historic Environment

There are many local historical references connected to drift mining. It was first recorded in 1307 and also mentioned by Daniel Defoe, author of Robinson Crusoe, in his 1727 book ‘A Tour Of Great Brittain’. On the western flank of the village is a long straight ridge, which constitutes the remains of a gravity railway […]

3.4 Renewables

This section is still to complete Comments Feedback Please add all feedback to this form and send

3.3 Local Green Space Designations

3.3.1        Green Belt and Planning   The NPPF says that the following activities are “appropriate” when considering development on greenbelt: Provision for outdoor sport, recreation and cemeteries provided the development maintains the openness of the green belt Modest extensions to existing buildings Replacement of existing buildings Limited infilling in villages and limited affordable housing to […]