3.3.1        Green Belt and Planning


The NPPF says that the following activities are “appropriate” when considering development on greenbelt:

  • Provision for outdoor sport, recreation and cemeteries provided the development maintains the openness of the green belt
  • Modest extensions to existing buildings
  • Replacement of existing buildings
  • Limited infilling in villages and limited affordable housing to meet local community needs
  • Redevelopment of previously developed land provided it would not have a greater impact than the existing development

The neighbourhood plan has taken into account this guidance and have allocated any potential development based upon this criterion.

The designation or de-designation of green belts should only be made in exceptional circumstances through local plan reviews. This policy position allows local planning authorities to retain the same coverage of green belt but change the boundary by de-designating existing areas and designating other areas they deem more appropriate. 

Green Belt boundaries can only be altered through a review of the local plan. This means that neighbourhood plans cannot seek to extend green belt boundaries or allocate areas of land for development within existing green belts.

3.3.2        Planning and green belt within planning boundaries


The following is a map of the Clifton Neighbourhood planning;

  1. The following areas we wish to see maintained as green spaces for the community;
  2. Clifton Wood. This a wood which has a variety of trees and habitat. It provides the potential amenity for the community for walking and just enjoying the wildlife and flora
  3. Fields which are a part of the greenbelt. There are four Fields which provide a buffer between the village and the golf course that should not be built upon
  4. -5. Is a part of the green belt for the village and should not be developed?
  5. This is land that has had a request for development in the past. Development may take place here provided the houses built were in keeping with Neighbourhood planning criteria
  6. The fields adjacent Highmoor Lane and the golf course. These fields should be maintained as greenbelt
  7. There has been building here in the past and therefore suitable for further development
  8. This is a wood and acts as screening from the motorway and is therefore not suitable for development
  9. The Yorkshire Combined Authority wish to build an Enterprise zone on this land. The residents of the village would prefer it is kept as greenbelt. 93% of residents in a survey said they would prefer this area to stay as greenbelt. However, if it must be developed their second preference (7%) would be as housing. A full discussion of the planning merits of developing this land are discussed in section 3.8

The survey of residents shows they are concerned about traffic safety and consequently did not any further development in the village. Air Quality is also a concern 75% of residents classified this as most important.



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