About Us

The Clifton Village Neighourhood Forum (CVNF) was formed to create a neighbourhood plan for Clifton Village.

Our initial application included the hamlet of Thornhills, but Calderdale Council (following an objection by a developer) refused our request and so we had to re-apply in May 2018 with amended boundaries. The application was granted on 1 August 2018 https://www.calderdale.gov.uk/v2/residents/environment-planning-and-building/planning/planning-policy/NDPs#clifton

The CVNF is a voluntary organisation, we receive no official funding from Calderdale Council; our objective is to see a sustainable, deliverable plan for our village. 

We are working closely with the Clifton Village Community Association and our Local Councillors in developing our neighbourhood plan.

Forum application timeline

03 Nov 2017
First Application published
Forum application published

Calderdale Council publish the initial application

02 Feb 2018
Application rejected
Calderdale reject application

Following an objection by Quod Homes, on behalf of Evans of Leeds and John England Homes, the Forum's application was rejected.

17 April 2018
New application submitted
Second application submitted

The Forum submitted a second application for Neighbourhood Status. Following legal advice, the Forum complies with Calderdale's 

18 June 2018
Deadline for responses
Second Consultation deadline

Six-week consultation completed

02 Aug 2018
Second application approved
Second application approved

Calderdale Council confirms the forum's revised application (excluding Thornhills) has been approved

Join Us!

The Forum is a non-political, non-religious organisation, membership is open to anyone who would like to participate in helping us to further our objectives. Membership is free of charge, joining is easy and active participation is encouraged as we develop a plan for Clifton Neighbourhood.