Date announced for ez hearing!

Calderdale Council has confirmed its planning committee will hear Calderdale’s reserved matters application for the enterprise zone on 30 March, at 2 pm.

We continue to have significant concerns about the application; although the site was zoned for employment use in the August 2006 Replacement Unitary Development Plan, the site has never been developed and we maintain it is inappropriate for the type of employment use proposed.

The current application sought approval for wider classification than the 2006 policy permitted.

During the stage two hearings, our consultants reminded the Planning Inspector of the deficiencies with this application, but this hasn’t stopped the council from pressing ahead with the application.

As an ‘Enterprise Zone, the site should benefit from all sorts of grants and incentives – and this may have influenced the local businesses who might want to move to the site. However, the length of time taken to progress this application means most of the potential incentives have vanished. Local businesses who have expressed interest in moving to the site (according to Calderdale’s documents all potential occupiers are already Brighouse/Elland companies) paying rates to Calderdale.

Any business rates from the scheme will be sent to Leeds, and Calderdale’s Legal Officer has already confirmed to councillors that there are no guarantees we will see any money come back to Calderdale.

The costs to develop this site are extraordinary, the original application stated that the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (the recipient of the business rates) would fund the scheme, however, WYCA has already told Calderdale there will be no funding for Clifton, it’s gone to Wakefield and Bradford.

We could be left in the position where we have borrowed money locally to fund a scheme with no returns for Calderdale.

We have submitted our concerns to Calderdale.

The hearing will be streamed live on YouTube