Update on EZ hearing

The outline planning application for the Clifton Enterprise Zone was heard on Tuesday evening. Our Chairman, Tony Perryman, spoke along with another objector (Jason Carlton).
Both objectors were allowed a maximum of five minutes, split.

It was very difficult to marshall the key points into a few minutes, but we decided both should speak as their written objections covered different, but equally important areas.

You can see the full recording here https://calderdale.public-i.tv/core/portal/webcast_interactive/460065

We will publish a further post on the issues raised in the objections in the next day or two!

Despite presenting the key points, and a spirited presentation from Cllr Howard Blagbrough, Cll Paul Bellenger (Greetland & Stainland, Liberal Democrat) moved the application with Cllr Faisal Shoukat (Park Ward, Labour) supporting the application. Cllr Colin Hutchinson (Skircoat Ward, Labour) and Cllr Stephanie Clarke (Illingworth & Mixenden, Labour) voted in favour of the application; Cllr Stephen Baines MBE (Northowram & Shelf, Conservative) and Cllr David Kirton (Hipperholem & Lightcliffe, Conservative) voting against the application.

What’s next?
Despite the outline planning application being approved, there are several steps required before the council and the combined authority can make a start on site.

Outstanding issues for the Clifton EZ
1. There are 34 conditions attached to the outline planning agreement
2. Calderdale is yet to resolve the funding for the associated infrastructure (remember that WYCA don’t have the funds for this development – they’re actually chasing our cash)
3. Calderdale/WYCA is yet to buy the site (either by agreement with the landowners or Compulsory Purchase Order)

There are wider questions about the funding of the site that have yet to be resolved.

What will your forum be doing next?

Forum members will receive an email by 30 Dec with the draft neighbourhood plan – you have 14 days to review and provide feedback/comments. We will be holding a meeting w/c 14 January, if you care about your village, it’s critical you get involved at this meeting. After this meeting, we will file the draft plan with Calderdale to start the formal consultation.

What you can do
1. Provide feedback on the plan (30 Dec)
2. Attend the meeting (w/c 14 Jan)

We expect the next consultation will be issued mid-January, this will be on revising (upwards) the housing numbers, which was one of the two options proposed by the Planning Inspector. This consultation will run for six weeks and we will discuss this at the public meeting, you are encouraged to participate in this consultation.

The Local Plan is still at phase one, and has yet to be found sound. We don’t know when the second phase will start, but the timetable has slipped significantly.

On a more positive note, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!