Our responses

Our professional advisers submitted hearing statements on our behalf to respond to the Planning Inspector recently.

The next stage of the hearings (remember the plan hasn’t yet been found sound), are scheuduled to talk place in October and November.

The hearing statements help to set out our position regarding the evidence that Calderdale had published in the period leading up to the public consultations, and our professional team reviewed the information available to provide written responses to the Inspector.

Next round of hearings

At the next round of hearings, are scheduled for October and November, and the Forum and professional advisers have been invited to attend, with the right to speak, on October, 6,7,8,14 and November 10 and18.

The Public Examination will be conducted by video conference, will also be live-streamed via the internet and is planned to conclude on Tuesday 24 November.

Submissions made

With the assistance of our professional advisers we have submitted written statements on the Housing Need (update), Infrastructure, Spatial Strategy, Site Assessments (and use of Greenbelt), Employment Allocations, ‘Garden Suburbs’ together with a traffic assessment.



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